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ASE Interview Questions!

What is Identity Colum?
What is the advantage and disadvantage of Identity coloums?
From performnace point of view ,which is better  if exists or if not exists?
How can we avoid fragmentation in table?
There is update statement on  one APL and one DOL table. Which one would be fatser?Consider the cases:  where clause on index cluster index coloum , other case not using any index.
Why the reorg is faster on DOL table as compare cluster index rebuild on APL?
Wht cluster index with sorted_data on APL is faster than reorg rebuild in DOL?
What is Sybase recommendation for tempdb size, suppose we have 300GB , 150GB dbs are inserver, wht would be the sybase recommendation for sizing of tempdb?
Whats the difference between dsysnc and direct io?
Suppose we are not concerning about the recovery of the database, which would be better for performance dsync(on/off) or direct io and why?
Whats the asynchronus prefetch ? How is it helping in performance enhance?
We having a 4k page size server, what can be possible pool size in the server?
As Sybase recommends 4K size pool for log usage in 2k page size server , please let me know the pool recommendtaion for 4K pagesize server?
How can we reduce the spinlock without partioning the data cache?
Can we have the spinlock contention with single engine?
In sysmon report what are the five segment you will be looking for performance?
Whta is meta data cache?
Whta is the archive database?
How can we enable the acrhive database for compresssed backup?
Hows the object level recovery is possible in ASE?
How can we find the culprit spid which has filled up th etempdb database?
How can we find the culprit spid which is badly used the log segment of  tempdb?
Whats partioning? How partioning helping in increaeing the performance?
Suppose a table is partioned based on a coloum, how dataserver will be handle  the insert on the table?
Apart from the query plans, wht else resides in proc cache?
What is new config param “optimization goal”? Whats the parameter we need to provide it?
User is experiancing very slow performace, what can be the reason for this slowness?
What is engine affinity and how can set the engine affinity?
If there are 3 cpus in the box, how many engine we can configure ?
Suppose dataserver is running very slow and sp_monitor is showing 100% cpu usages, what can be possible issue? Where will you look at?
What is the error classes in replication server?
What is the diffrence between Warm standby and table level replication?
Can you please let me know five case when the thread goes down in replication?
What are triggers? What are type of triggers and how many triggers can we configure on a table?
What are diffrecnt locking scheme in ASE and what are the latches?
How can we dump a replication queue?
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