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Sybase Replication Setup using rs_init on Linux -2

Step 3: Creating/Building the Replication Server

Before creating the Replication Server please perform the following steps

a) create  a common interface file which will include all the dataserver, replication servers and copy this new interface file to all dataserver and replication server enviorment. By doing this, you will not get any connectivity problem.

b) Touch the stable device file before creating the Replication Server.

[sybase@localhost install]$ mkdir /home/sybase/REP/data
[sybase@localhost install]$ touch /home/sybase/REP/data/stable_device.dat
[sybase@localhost install]$ pwd
[sybase@localhost install]$ cat ../../interfaces
master tcp ether localhost 11752
query tcp ether localhost 11752
master tcp ether localhost 11751
query tcp ether localhost 11751
master tcp ether localhost 5000
query tcp ether localhost 5000
master tcp ether localhost 5001
query tcp ether localhost 5001
c) Execute the replication Server to include RS env and move to install dir and execute rs_init.
rs init Log File

Check the Sybase Wiki @
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