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New Parallel Distributed Query And Advanced Workload Management Capabilities in IQ15.3

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Sybase, Inc., an SAP® company (NYSE: SAP) and industry leader in enterprise and mobile software, today announced the general availability of Sybase® IQ 15.3, powered by a new generation of shared everything Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) technology. With this release, enterprise IT departments can overcome scalability limitations of today’s data warehouses in many industries including financial services, telecommunications, information providers, healthcare and insurance. By implementing a business analytics information solution that allows sharing of computing and data resources with the innovative Sybase IQ PlexQ™ technology, enterprises can lead the next wave of data warehouse transformation by breaking down user and information silos to drive analytics adoption throughout the entire organization.

Sybase IQ 15.3 key new features include:

  • Sybase IQ PlexQ – A grid based MPP framework that unleashes the power of multiple CPU cores across many servers on large data sets to provide fast answers across a wide spectrum of complex queries
  • Distributed Query Processing – Execute individual queries across many machines in a PlexQ grid for MPP, yet automatically balance workloads across the grid during peak periods
  • Logical Servers – Group physical servers in a PlexQ grid into virtual clusters in order to optimize analytic workloads, user needs and applications
  • Built-in Web Services API and Ruby-on-Rails language driver – Simplify integration with workflow processes and web-based applications to publish and consume web services that take advantage of a new generation of analytical applications
  • Multimedia API – Integratelibraries for in-database analysis of images, audio, video and other multimedia content that increase the value of business analytics for unstructured as well as structured information
  • InfoPrimer Module – Dramatically simplify and accelerate loading of data into Sybase IQ through Extract, Load, and Transform methodology, allowing data transformations to take place where they make the most sense to the customer
  • Rich, web-based administration and monitoring interface – Leverage Sybase Control Center to greatly simplify operational tasks for DBAs and provides a thin client interface for ease of Sybase IQ administration
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