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Sybase ASE 15.7 getting released in Sep’2011 Techwave!!!

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This coming September, Sybase will release Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.7 which provides a huge number of enhancements across a broad range of areas.

Developers will see significant new and improved Text & Image support, new Concurrency options, new DML support for a streamlined MERGE / UPSERT, among many other things. DBA’s will benefit from a focus on Operational Scalability with enhancements like Compression, support for Alter Table that defers changes to be “Just-in-Time”, On-line REORG REBUILD, and many other useful features. ASE 15.7 will also be first version certified to run SAP’s Business Suite ERP and CRM applications.

Some New Features :

– Threaded Kernel
– Enhanced LOB support
– Non-materialized column support for not NULL
– Fully recoverable DDL
– UPSERT/MERGE statement
– Enforce dump transaction sequence
– Shrink log devices with alter database command
– Caching CURSOR statement as a LWP
Lets wait for Sep..Techwave..
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