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Sybase ASE History !


You must be interested in the Sybase ASE history. Here is the Link where Rob has put down all in one notes :

” A German software company that was yet little-known in the USA, approached Sybase because they wanted to run their application on Sybase SQL Server — the most popular financial database, after all.  However, their application was designed such that it caused too many concurrency problems (locking) in Sybase SQL Server. The Germans therefore requested Sybase to implement row-level locking to solve this problem (at that point, Sybase only supported page-level and table-level locking). Accounts differ on the reasons why, but Sybase declined the request. What happened next is history: SAP (you guessed it, right?) ended up running on all major databases except Sybase, and consequently Sybase missed out on the big wave of ERP-driven business in the rest of the 1990’s (Sybase did eventually implement row-level locking in version 11.9, offering a choice of three different lock schemes). 
Now that SAP has acquired Sybase, and Business Suite will be running on Sybase ASE later this year, history has more or less come full circle. I’m confident that ASE will be a great platform for SAP ERP, albeit indeed a bit late.”

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