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SAP HANA & Sybase!


HANA, which will be available in appliance form from a number of hardware partners,
places data to be processed in RAM instead of reading it off disks, adding a performance boost.
HANA is built on a superset of technologies with a long history at SAP,
including the MaxDB database and TREX in-memory engine.
Data held in memory by HANA is backed by a persistence layer that logs
transactions and incorporates savepoints that create images of the database,
according to an SAP document. This allows it to be restored in the event of a power outage or other disruption.
HANA is compatible with any BI (business intelligence) application that supports common query languages like SQL and MDX.

by PCWorld

HANA is not a database, it is an appliance (hardware + software). SAP sells these to large customers;
a typical HANA installation has 2 Terabyte of memory.
The database software inside HANA is a custom-developed database engine by SAP,
optimized for in-memory handling of analytic workload patterns. To the best of my knowledge,
it is not available for download.

by – Rob V.

HANA with Sybase ?

As per recent IDC Report, SAP would be pushing this HANA technology in
ASE & IQ and our Rep server would be replicating the data from HANA Appliance.

If HANA is going to be part Sybase ASE/IQ/REP then it will certainly enhance the
ASE functionality and performance. If you want more about HANA , please refer below links :

IDC Report :

Check the Sybase Wiki @
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