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object id 98 and 99 in ASE:sysencryptkeys & ALLOCATION

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Yday came  across two object ids 98 & 99, after running the object_name function with these object id , I found two objects ALLOCATION and sysencrptkeys, but no details in sysobjects. I found these tables in all databases.

On Investigation I found that :


sysencryptkeys (object id 98) is a system table that has a role when ecrypted columns are used. More details:


An ALLOCATION page (object id 99) is not a table, rather a space housekeeping page in ASE that manages page allocation. Space management in ASE is organised around allocation and OAM pages. Each device is divided up in multiples of 256 pages, meaning that every 256 pages, you will find an allocation page. This page keeps track which extents (8 pages) are allocated to an object and if they are, which object. More info:







Check the Sybase Wiki @ sybasewiki.com
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