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Logical or Database Devices and Physical Devices

Distinctions between logical or database devices and physical devices:
• The physical disk or physical device is the actual hardware that stores the data.

• A database device or logical device is a piece of a physical disk that has been initialized (with the disk init command) for use by Adaptive Server. A database device can be an operating system file, an entire disk, or a disk partition.

• A segment is a named collection of database devices used by a database. The database devices that make up a segment can be located on separate physical devices.

• A partition is block of storage for a table. Partitioning a table splits it so that multiple tasks can access it simultaneously. When partitioned tables are placed on segments with a matching number of devices, each partition starts on a separate database device.

sp_helpdevice –> To get information about devices
sp_helpsegment –> To get information about segments
sp_helpartition –> To get information about partitions.

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