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Benefits of Normalization

Normalization produces smaller tables with smaller rows:
• More rows per page (less logical I/O)
• More rows per I/O (more efficient)
• More rows fit in cache (less physical I/O)
• Searching, sorting, and creating indexes is faster, since tables are
narrower, and more rows fit on a data page.
• Index searching is often faster, since indexes tend to be narrower and
• More tables allow better use of segments to control physical
placement of data.
• You usually have fewer indexes per table, so data modification
commands are faster.
• You usually have more tables. You can have more clustered indexes (one per table), so you get more
flexibility in tuning queries.
• Fewer null values and less redundant data, making your database
more compact.
• Triggers execute more quickly if you are not maintaining redundant

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