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Sybase IQ : Architecture & Benefits

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Sybase IQ ??

Sybase® IQ is a high-performance decision-support server designed specifically for data warehousing.

Sybase IQ is part of the Sybase product family that includes Adaptive Server Enterprise and SQL Anywhere. Component Integration Services within Sybase IQ provide direct access to relational and nonrelational databases on mainframe, UNIX, or Windows servers.


Architecture ??

Sybase IQ architecture differs from most relational databases. Sybase IQ focuses on readers, not writers, which provides a fast query response for many users.

Data is stored in columns, not rows

Placing indexes on all columns provides a performance advantage

A large page size provides a performance advantage

A large temporary cache provides a performance advantage for most operations

Access to data occurs at the table level

Most query results focus on data at the table level

Most insertions and deletions write data for an entire table, not for a single row.


Benefits ??
Sybase IQ is a decision support system optimized to deliver superior performance for mission-critical business solutions.

Intelligent query processing that use index-only access plans to process any type of query.

Ad hoc query performance on uniprocessor and parallel systems.

Multiplex capability for managing large query loads in a multi-server configuration.

Fully-flexible schema support.

Efficient query execution without query-specific tuning under most circumstances.

Fast initial and incremental loading.

Fast aggregations, counts, comparisons of data.

Parallel processing optimized for multi-user environments.

Stored procedures.

Increased productivity due to reduced query time.

Entire database and indexing stored in less space than raw data.

Reduced input/output (I/O).

Check the Sybase Wiki @ sybasewiki.com
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