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Sybase Interview Questions

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How can we configure the dbcc database?

How can you configure sybsecurity?

Have you ever worked on terabyte size of  database? How are you taking backup for the same?

Whats the diff between MSA and WS?  Can we consider MSA as a Ws?

You are not able to execute any command in ASE as tempdb is full and you cant create user defined tempdb on the fly , how will you investigate ?

What are the new features fo Sybase ASE 15?

What are the different options avilable with reorg ?

Why we require reorg ?

Suppose if every thing is fine in REplication enviorment  and data is not replicating , how will you troubleshoot the same?

What is gen id in rep server?

How can you check the latency in the replication enviorment?

Whats is HA in Sybase? How can we monitor the HA status?


Check the Sybase Wiki @
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