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Multi-Path Replication (MPR) technology : Replication Server 15.7

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 The imminent release of Replication Server 15.7 continues pushing envelop and maintaining its leading edge by introducing new Multi-Path Replication (MPR) technology.

So, what is MPR? MPR improves replication performance and reduces latency by enabling parallel paths of data from the source database to the target database. These parallel paths will process data independently of each other to improve overall efficiency, performance and load balancing.

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Note :

 What about the order of transacation , that need to maintain at target side?
Even transaction can come rapidally at target , but it must be applying in a order.

Commit order is maintained within single path. To increase performance on a single path, one can employ parallel DSI, Bulk copy and HVAR features RS has introduced in earlier releases. To take advantage of MPR, users need to fully understand application schema to divide them as commit order is not guaranteed among paths.


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