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SAP’s Hasso Plattner : Father of SAP’s In Memory Technology HANA

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Sir Hasso Plattner is a cofounder of software giant SAP AG. Today he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAP AG.

Plattner founded the Hasso Plattner Institute for software systems engineering based at the University of Potsdam, and in Palo Alto, California, its only source of funding being the non-profit Hasso Plattner Foundation for Software Systems Engineering.

You can see his Book : In-Memory Data Management An Inflection Point
for Enterprise Applications

You can read more about him and his book @

Sir Hasso’s Interview :

Finally SAP’s EVP of Database Technology Platform steve’s views on SAP Database Technology Roadmap.

See the Future of Sybase ASE with SAP Real time Data Platform:

Happy Learning SAP Sybase !!

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Useful Sybase ASE Tools available for free download…

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I have started some time ago to distribute some tools I have created to assist me in my professional life as full-time production dba/sybase migration analyst/sybase database architect.

Some are years old, others are very fresh (the last developed two days ago).  There are additional tools that I will publish in the near future.  The aim of all of the tools is to make the life of a DBA/Analyst/Architect a bit easier.  Although I do by no means claim the position of the ASE tool guru – there are other tools available out there, some pretty costly.  The tools may be of some use for those having a particular need in view and lacking an alternative.

Not to repeat myself, I provide you the link to the description of each particular tool here.

There are so far 4 tools:  1st is aimed to use/learn the MDA tables better.  2nd to create pin-pointed monitoring of an ASE server a thing for novices, 3d aimed to make parsing of Sybase Sysmon reports a bit more convenient, and the last to be able to reuse all those handy queries DBAs accumulate over years with more ease.

Below are the tools, with screen-shots  & links.

1.  ASE Monitoring (MDA) Tables Assistant

2.  A Simple Graphical Monitor for Sybase ASE

3.  ASE System Report (Sysmon) Parser

4.  ASE Frequent QueryAssistant

You are welcome to use them and post comments.

ps.  I wish to thank the hosts of the present blog for the opportunity to use it to make the tools available to a greater public.

It was my pleasure to share.

Andrew T.M.

A SQL GURU trapped in a SAP Sybase IQ World :AntonS

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It was with a lot of trepidation when I sat down to write this post as I am a MS SQL Server DBA/PROGRAMMER by trade, experience and choice. Having started out on SQL Server 6.5 many many many years ago, I have always been loyal to the database I had come to know and trust. Please do not get me wrong, I do not plan to bash SQL Server as I still use it on a daily basis, this post is merely my take on the comparison of 2 completely different database products….  – AntonS

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How the SAP Real Time Data Platform Looks Like with ASE/IQ/REP?

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calling SAP Sybase Experts..

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Dear All,

As 2011 has been closed and 2012 has started, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank each of you for your contribution and effort for  during the past few years. Despite the difficult circumstances, there is much we have achieved and is much to be proud of.

Our ongoing efforts are crucial to improve the knowledge sharing and Sybase excellence.

I would like to invite you all to contribute focus and determination to create a SAP Sybase Database community by leveraging SAP Database knowledge sharing blog.

We should be under no doubt that we have the skills, expertise and most importantly attitude to address the real time challenges using Sybase technologies in conjunction with SAP Sybase platform.

If you are SAP HANA ,Sybase ASE/Rep/IQ/ASA expert/learner and would like the part of :A Blog for SAP Database Technologies, you are most welcome.

We will hear you :

Happy Sybase Learning !




New Linkedin Group, SAP Database Technology : SAP HANA, SAP Sybase ASE/IQ/Rep/CEP

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Hi All,

Any One Who is Working on SAP Products, SAP HANA, SAP Sybase ASE/IQ/REP/CEP in backend can join this community.


SAP Database Technology : SAP HANA, SAP Sybase ASE/IQ/Rep/CEP

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Sybase ASE Bharani ( New Version Code Name)

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Sybase ASE Bharani ( New Version Code Name) :: Target Q3 2012


Function Categories  & Features
• JDBC/ODBC driver performance enhancements
• QP performance enhancements (e.g. Pre computed Result Sets, shared query plans)
• Fast logged BCP
• Faster database starts

VLDB Management & Operational Scalability
•Online Utilities and maintenance (e.g. create index/reorg)
•Alter Table Drop Column with no data movement
•Compression of in‐row LOBS
•Split/Merge/Move Partition
•Better integration of Backup and Restore Operations
•SCC : Monitoring and Administration updates
•Database dumps with concurrent transactions
•Compressed shared memory dumps
•64TB database support
•Deferred Table Creation

•Data Privacy
•Granular permission controls ‐Limiting power of SAs/DBOs

Application Development & Developer Productivity
•MERGE statement with trigger support

ASE Replication
•ASE Replication Performance features ‐Multiple log scanners, Disabling of RI checks

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