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calling SAP Sybase Experts..

Dear All,

As 2011 has been closed and 2012 has started, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank each of you for your contribution and effort for  during the past few years. Despite the difficult circumstances, there is much we have achieved and is much to be proud of.

Our ongoing efforts are crucial to improve the knowledge sharing and Sybase excellence.

I would like to invite you all to contribute focus and determination to create a SAP Sybase Database community by leveraging SAP Database knowledge sharing blog.

We should be under no doubt that we have the skills, expertise and most importantly attitude to address the real time challenges using Sybase technologies in conjunction with SAP Sybase platform.

If you are SAP HANA ,Sybase ASE/Rep/IQ/ASA expert/learner and would like the part of :A Blog for SAP Database Technologies, you are most welcome.

We will hear you :

Happy Sybase Learning !




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