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Dynamically change the path of the ASE error log : sp_errorlog

 It was really painful to change the error log file for a running production ASE server, you might require the reboot of ASE with business approved downtime. ( In one case when $SYBASE is getting full and you need to purge your log file)

Now you can take relief using sp_error for changing the errorlog dynamically without any down time. Its available from version V15.02 ESD4

sp_errorlog : Dynamically changes the path of the error log.


sp_errorlog “change log”, “new_path”[,{“jslog true”| “jslog false”}]
sp_errorlog “help”, “change log”

new_path – new path of the error log. Maximum length of new_path is 255 characters.

jslog true – the default option. If the Job Scheduler is running, change log attempts to change the Job Scheduler Agent log to the directory where the new Adaptive Server error log will reside. Both logs will indicate error messages, if any.

jslog false – do not change the location of the Job Scheduler Agent log.

Source : http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.sybase.infocenter.dc00803.1502/html/NF1502ESD4/CHDBJEBC.htm

Check the Sybase Wiki @ sybasewiki.com
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