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Query processing and Abstract Plans

Query –> What are the 6 modules of query processor?

Answer –>

1. Parser

2. Normalization

3. Preprocessor

4. Optimizer

5. Code generator

6. (1) Procedural execution engine

6. (2) Query execution engine

Query   –> At which level in Query Processor Modules we can determine if the statement may benefit from using the statement cache?

Answer  –> Level 2 (Normalization)


Query  –> What does Normalization infers while query parsing (Query Processor Modules) ?

Answer  –> Normalization involves determining column and table names, transforming the query tree into conjugate normal form (CNF), and resolving datatypes.

Query –> Define “Query Plan” ?

Answer –> Query Plan consists of  retrieval tactics and an ordered set of execution steps, which retrieve the data needed by the query.

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