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Training Testimonials

July 10th, 2015 No comments

What our  students say about Sybase ASE, Replication Sessions –  

Training Testimonials

Starting New Batch for Sybase  ASE & Replication Administration . Please reach out to us :

My Father’s Retirement

July 7th, 2015 No comments

After 36 years of dedication & hard work in service, And never ending commitments and ever lasting responsibilities, My father retired from services last week(30th Jun 2015 ).  You should be tired and stressed out by now and now it is time for rest. Congratulations on your retirement, Papa.  YOU ARE BEST!!

My father started job in 1979 in Panchayati Raj Department of UP Govt and worked across multiple districts in UP.

You proved yourselves as successful parents and now its our turn to prove. We admire the smile on your face and your simple attitude towards life. You are a true inspiration for us!

Whatever we are and wherever we are , it is only due to your blessings and hard work you have put to raise us .

We feel blessed to be your children and still seek your blessings !!

– Your Son


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