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Indian Railways Running on SAP Sybase ASE

August 23rd, 2012 No comments

Indian Railways: Centralizing Ticketing


Discover how Asia’s largest rail network is efficiently managing 17 million daily passengers across 6,000 stations with computerized ticketing. With Sybase database technology, Indian Railways is enhancing customer service with 24/7 ticketing and transaction times of less than 20 seconds per ticket.*

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New features in SAP Sybase ASE 15.7 ESD#2

August 23rd, 2012 No comments

Really very Good and useful new features in Sybase ASE 15.7 ESD#2, Checked Out in Rob’s Blog :


A few weeks ago (early August 2012), ASE 15.7 ESD2 was released. Despite being an ESD, this ASE release actually contains a truckload of great new features as well. You should really check these out since some of these are just so useful… Let me just highlight a selected few that I like particularly (I hope to come back to some of these topics in the time ahead).

* larger database size – First, the maximum size of an ASE database has been doubled as of 15.7 ESD2. This means that with a 2KB or 16KB page size, the maximum size of a single ASE database is now 8TB or 64TB, respectively (and you can still have thousands of such databases in a single ASE server).
* async database creation
* split/merge partition
* non-blocking table rebuild
* faster update statistics
* faster index creation
* query performance
* Materialized Views
* security & permission

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SAP’s Chen Challenges Oracle, IBM With Database Advances

August 23rd, 2012 No comments

SAP AG (SAP), chasing Oracle (ORCL) Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) in the $26.7 billion database market, is betting on new product features to gain ground, said the man who helped build the company’s arsenal.

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Freudenberg IT Creates a Center of Excellence for SAP HANA® and SAP® Sybase ASE

July 11th, 2012 No comments

Freudenberg IT (FIT) announced today the creation of its Advanced Databases Center of Excellence (COE). The Advanced Databases COE will allow customers to leverage the business advantages of the latest SAP® database platforms, including SAP HANA® and SAP® Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE),while minimizing the cost, risk, and complexity of a database platform change.
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Bhavnagar Energy Company Limited Selects SAP Sybase ASE

July 8th, 2012 No comments

SAP AG has announced that Bhavnagar Energy Company Limited (BECL) has selected SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) running on Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE). BECL will get a streamlined end-to-end experience, from integrated product experience to customer service, support and lifecycle management with SAP Business Suite application on Sybase ASE.

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dbcc checkdb vs dbcc checkstorage

June 25th, 2012 No comments

Checkstorage will detect allocation errors, it is a reasonable substitute for dbcc checkalloc (checkstorage will report a fair number of issues that checkalloc will not, many of them trivial things, and checkalloc may be able to detect a few odd conditions
checkstorage does not.

What checkstorage won’t catch are issues with index tree (keys out of order, index entries that point to missing rows, rows
that are not indexed).  So checkstorage is not a good substitute for checkdb.

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Performance Issue

June 24th, 2012 No comments

Few days back I have faced performance issue in one of our prod data server. I would like to share here.

User was running batch for pushing 90000 rows in a database and batch was not moved from last 1.5 hrs.

On login in the server I found response of the server was not good, it was taking more time to execute a simple query as usual. In first glance, it was looking like user job is hogging the resources, as user job spid was in syslogshold and not moved from long time.

We do some analysis and finally found the cpu usage for server was 100%. ( I used sp_monitor). I concluded that this high cpu usage is slowing down the server performance.

The next task was finding the query which was taking more cpu time. As server was on 15 version, I ran the below sql querry for mon tables for getting the high cpu usage.

select top 10  s.SPID, s.CpuTime, t.LineNumber, t.SQLText from master..monProcessStatement s, master..monProcessSQLText t where s.SPID = t.SPID order by s.CpuTime DESC

We asked application team to check the reported spid and if possible, please abort the tran. There was select queries which were  taking maximum cpu . As they requested us to kill, we aborted/killed from data server.

After few seconds, data server cpu started fluctuating from 50 to 100% and finally it was below 50%.

Application batch of 10K inserts moved very quickly and finally issue resolved.

You can get full details on MDA queries @


SAP Becomes Fastest-Growing Vendor in Relational Database Market

June 8th, 2012 No comments

WALLDORF, Germany, June 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced it is the fastest-growing among the top vendors in the relational database management systems (RDBMS) market, according to a new report(1) from IDC.


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Changing ASE Sort Order using sqllocres

June 6th, 2012 No comments
Task : Sort Order change of PROD_ASE_DS2 
Current Sort Order :50 Binary Sort Order (Server Default Sort Order)
New Sort Order : 51 Dictionary Based Sort Order
Before running any command , please import Sybase Enviorment in your current Shell, you can get the same by executing which resides in $SYBASE ( Sybase Installation Directory).
1. Started the Dataserver PROD_ASE_DS2 :
[sybase@localhost install]$ ./startserver -f RUN_PROD_ASE_DS2 ……………….. …………………… 00:00:00000:00001:2012/06/06 00:26:06.61 server ASE’s default unicode sort order is ‘binary’. 00:00:00000:00001:2012/06/06 00:26:06.61 server ASE’s default sort order is: 00:00:00000:00001:2012/06/06 00:26:06.61 server ‘bin_iso_1’ (ID = 50) 00:00:00000:00001:2012/06/06 00:26:06.61 server on top of default character set: 00:00:00000:00001:2012/06/06 00:26:06.61 server ‘iso_1’ (ID = 1). 00:00:00000:00001:2012/06/06 00:26:06.61 server Master device size: 30 megabytes, or 15360 virtual pages. (A virtual page is 2048 bytes.)

2. Checking the Current Sort Order of Server

[sybase@localhost install]$ isql -Usa -SPROD_ASE_DS2 -w999
1> select @@servername,getdate()
3> go
———————————————————— ————————–
PROD_ASE_DS2 Jun 6 2012 12:26AM
(1 row affected)
1> sp_helpsort
2> go
Sort Order Description
Character Set = 1, iso_1
ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) – Western European 8-bit character set.
Sort Order = 50, bin_iso_1
Binary ordering, for the ISO 8859/1 or Latin-1 character set (
Characters, in Order
! ” # $ % & ‘ ( ) * + , – . / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ?
@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ ] ^ _
` a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~ Â
¡ ¢ £ ¤ Â¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ ­ ® ¯ ° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿ Ã
à à à Ã
à à à à à à à à à à à à à à à Ã
à à à à à à à à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ÷ ø ù ú û ü ý þ ÿ
(return status = 0)
1> exit

3. Moving in Sample Resource file Directory Read more…

SAP’s Hasso Plattner : Father of SAP’s In Memory Technology HANA

May 30th, 2012 No comments

Sir Hasso Plattner is a cofounder of software giant SAP AG. Today he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAP AG.

Plattner founded the Hasso Plattner Institute for software systems engineering based at the University of Potsdam, and in Palo Alto, California, its only source of funding being the non-profit Hasso Plattner Foundation for Software Systems Engineering.

You can see his Book : In-Memory Data Management An Inflection Point
for Enterprise Applications

You can read more about him and his book @

Sir Hasso’s Interview :

Finally SAP’s EVP of Database Technology Platform steve’s views on SAP Database Technology Roadmap.

See the Future of Sybase ASE with SAP Real time Data Platform:

Happy Learning SAP Sybase !!

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