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Sybase IQ 15 Best Practices Guide

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What’s in YOUR Architecture?

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What’s in your architecture?

Probably not enough if you’re using just data modeling to integrate all the components of your enterprise, especially your information. To lay the
foundation of this paper, let’s start from the same level of understanding: the need for a common approach to managing all the aspects of information to
enable rapid business performance in the 21st century economy.

Competition in the marketplace is always fierce. To stay abreast, organizations must constantly analyze their customer needs and expectations, enhance
or innovate their business processes, and deliver products and services that create exceptional customer value. Organizations also need to be customercentric to forge long-term relationships with clients and consumers. Only organizations that are agile enough to respond to volatile market conditions
with innovation, expedited time-to-market processes, and reduced costs can differentiate themselves from the competition. Such agility occurs when a
company’s IT operations are closely aligned with its business operations. IT needs to understand business to implement technologies and applications that
support the current and future business goals.

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Sybase dataserver binary output and dbcc command.

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When we execute dbcc sqltext without putting on traceflag 3604 and 3605
where the out put of sqltext goes? In errorlog?

No,For errorlog we have traceflag 3605.

Lets explore the RUN server file again:

-sPROD_ASE_DS1 > /dev/null

-e : denoting the errorlog file where all error message and informational messages resides.

AS we know, When we are running any binary file, the output of that binary displays on the screen.

What about the output of $SYBASE/$YSBASE_ASE/bin/dataserver binary,
generally we redirect it to null device (/dev/null) as above.

Now,I am redirecting the output to file like below as in /tmp/sybaselog.out file.

-sPROD_ASE_DS1 > /tmp/sybaselog.out

Run the dbcc sqltext command , the result would be display in dataserver output file, without any traceflag.

It means when we require any output on user screen and errorlog, need to enable the traceflag 3604 and 3605 respectively,
otherwise it will be display in sybase dataserver binary , out put file ,if we are redirecting it to file.

sybase@localhost ~]$ isql -Usa -SPROD_ASE_DS1
1> select @@spid
2> go


(1 row affected)
1> select name from sysdatabases
2> go

(6 rows affected)

1> dbcc sqltext(14)
2> go
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with
System Administrator (SA) role.
1> dbcc sqltext(14)
2> go
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact a user with
System Administrator (SA) role.

[sybase@localhost ~]$ tail -f /tmp/sybaselog.out
00:00:00000:00001:2011/09/28 08:51:15.11 server  ASE's default unicode sort order is 'binary'.
00:00:00000:00001:2011/09/28 08:51:15.11 server  ASE's default sort order is:
00:00:00000:00001:2011/09/28 08:51:15.11 server         'bin_iso_1' (ID = 50)
00:00:00000:00001:2011/09/28 08:51:15.11 server  on top of default character set:
00:00:00000:00001:2011/09/28 08:51:15.11 server         'iso_1' (ID = 1).
00:00:00000:00001:2011/09/28 08:51:15.11 server  Master device size: 500 megabytes, or 256000 virtual pages. (A virtual page is 2048 bytes.)
00:00:00000:00001:2011/09/28 08:51:15.11 kernel  Warning: Cannot set console to nonblocking mode, switching to blocking mode.
SQL Text: SELECT fid=right(space(80)+isnull(convert(varchar(80),fid),'NULL'),3), spid=right(space(80)+isnull(convert(varchar(80),spid),'NULL'),4), status=SUBSTRING(convert(varchar(80),status),1,10), loginame=SUBSTRING(convert(varchar(80),loginame),1,8), origname=SUBSTRING(convert(varchar(80),origname),1,8), hostname=SUBSTRING(convert(varchar(80),hostname),1,21), blk_spid=right(space(80)+isnull(convert(varchar(80),blk_spid),'NULL'),8), dbname=SUBSTRING(convert(varchar(80),dbname),1,6), tempdbname=SUBSTRIN
SQL Text: select @@spid

SQL Text: select name from sysdatabases

Please let me knwo if you have any more thoughts!!

SAP HANA & Sybase!

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HANA, which will be available in appliance form from a number of hardware partners,
places data to be processed in RAM instead of reading it off disks, adding a performance boost.
HANA is built on a superset of technologies with a long history at SAP,
including the MaxDB database and TREX in-memory engine.
Data held in memory by HANA is backed by a persistence layer that logs
transactions and incorporates savepoints that create images of the database,
according to an SAP document. This allows it to be restored in the event of a power outage or other disruption.
HANA is compatible with any BI (business intelligence) application that supports common query languages like SQL and MDX.

by PCWorld

HANA is not a database, it is an appliance (hardware + software). SAP sells these to large customers;
a typical HANA installation has 2 Terabyte of memory.
The database software inside HANA is a custom-developed database engine by SAP,
optimized for in-memory handling of analytic workload patterns. To the best of my knowledge,
it is not available for download.

by – Rob V.

HANA with Sybase ?

As per recent IDC Report, SAP would be pushing this HANA technology in
ASE & IQ and our Rep server would be replicating the data from HANA Appliance.

If HANA is going to be part Sybase ASE/IQ/REP then it will certainly enhance the
ASE functionality and performance. If you want more about HANA , please refer below links :

IDC Report :

New Parallel Distributed Query And Advanced Workload Management Capabilities in IQ15.3

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Source :

Sybase, Inc., an SAP® company (NYSE: SAP) and industry leader in enterprise and mobile software, today announced the general availability of Sybase® IQ 15.3, powered by a new generation of shared everything Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) technology. With this release, enterprise IT departments can overcome scalability limitations of today’s data warehouses in many industries including financial services, telecommunications, information providers, healthcare and insurance. By implementing a business analytics information solution that allows sharing of computing and data resources with the innovative Sybase IQ PlexQ™ technology, enterprises can lead the next wave of data warehouse transformation by breaking down user and information silos to drive analytics adoption throughout the entire organization.

Sybase IQ 15.3 key new features include: Read more…

Renaming Objects

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(Source – Unleashed)
If name of table is changed then stored procedure and views would work or will change to invalid state?

Even though the name of table has changed, objects like views and procedures that refer to that table by name are not affected by the change in the name. That is because SQL-based objects like Views and Procedures are stored both as text in the syscomments table and pre-parsed query tree identifying related objects by ID instead of Name. When a table name changes, a dependent view still works because the objectID of the table (stored in sysobjects) does not change.

Sybase India Names Inflow Technologies As National Distributor

January 18th, 2010 No comments

Sybase Software (India) Pvt. Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., a provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, today announced that it entered into a master reseller agreement with Inflow Technologies Pvt. Ltd in India.

The agreement will enable Inflow Technologies to extend the benefits of Sybase’s offerings, particularly analytics and enterprise mobility, to the growing market in India, said a press release.

Inflow Technologies, part of the US$ 5 billion Datatec Group, has presence in more than 12 locations across India and Sri Lanka.
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SYBASE Combines World’s Leading Column-Based IQ Server with Unrivalled Global Messaging Reach

December 31st, 2009 No comments

Hey Guys,

It may be last post of the year 2009, but it is really a great news of 2009,now  two different platforms are combined.


Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software, today announced it is leveraging the newest version of its industry leading column-based analytics server – Sybase IQ 15.1 -and its unrivalled global mobile messaging reach, enabling the company to provide deep analytics functionality on the Sybase 365 mobile services platform that will uniquely address the needs of mobile operators, financial institutions and enterprise customers.