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  1. Vicki Gottlieb
    February 9th, 2012 at 23:21 | #1

    I need a solution on an issue relating to views. I have a star schema where the fact table has many keys (set up as unique roles) to our date dimension. I need to create unique views for each of these date roles in PowerDesigner. In each view, I need to further qualify the column names to express the role of the view (i.e. Date= Begin_Use_Date). In addition, I need to make the comments of each column consistent with the role (i.e. so existing definition for the column date is modified to reflect that it is the beginning use date). The way I am doing this now is creating a new view from the date dimension and manually modifying each column name and comments. This is extremely laborious given the fact that our date dimension is >20 columns and I need to create >10 role-based views. Any ideas would be helpful.

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