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SAP ASE 16 – Design for Extreme Transaction Processing

April 7th, 2014 No comments

SAP ASE 16 Launched Recently : Lot of New Features and Extreme Transaction Ready

SAP ASE 16 provides scalability and speed to support higher throughput and lower latency; security to ensure data privacy and system auditability; and, simplicity of database operations to maximize operational efficiency and lower costs.

Scalability, speed, security, simplicity…these were the guiding principles for our engineers. We’ve increased scalability and speed with extensive optimization in its transaction concurrency management, query plan execution, data compression and utilization of computing resources in large SMP servers. Security enforcement and system auditability have been augmented to provide customers more flexibility to adapt to their specific regulatory compliance needs. And SAP Control Center delivers simplified database management helping to reduce overall cost of ownership.

SAP ASE 16 Overview white paper