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SAP Recognized as a Market Leader by Gartner, Inc. in Operational Database Management Systems Magic Quadrant

November 17th, 2013 No comments

As per Gartner:


Located in Walldorf, Germany, SAP ( has several DBMS products that are used for transaction systems: SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), SAP Sybase iAnywhere and SAP Hana. Both ASE and iAnywhere are available as software only, while SAP Hana is marketed as an appliance.

  • Vision leadership — Moving into DBMS technology, SAP has introduced SAP Hana as an in-memory platform for hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) and acquired Sybase to add to the DBMS product line.

  • Strong DBMS offerings — In addition to SAP Hana, SAP Sybase ASE continues to support global-scale applications and was first to introduce an in-memory DBMS (IMDBMS) version.

  • Performance — References cited performance (scalability and reliability) as a major strength (one of the highest scores), mostly for SAP Sybase ASE.

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ASE 15.7 for SAP® Business Suite Released in Techwave!!!

September 14th, 2011 No comments

Hi Folks,

Most Awaited Database ASE 15.7 has been released yday in Vegas Techwave:

Extremely good news for Sybase Users!!!!!!!!

ASE 15.7 key features include:

Management of Large Datasets

  • Compression— allows large databases to be stored more compactly and reduces I/O times to ensure high performance on even the largest databases.
  • Reduced Query Latency— helps better handle large data sets, especially those which use dynamic SQL for interactive data retrieval.
  • Replication Performance—increases the performance of Sybase’s industry-leading transaction replication and syncing technology.
  • Enhancements for Parallel Hardware —improves optimization of multi-core/multi-threaded CPU architectures to get the maximum performance out of today’s latest processors

Simplified Administration

  • Online Operations—increases data availability while allowing data to be optimized for application performance.
  • Extended Diagnostics—allows DBAs to quickly pin-point performance bottlenecks and speed customer support requests.
  • Strong Password Encryption—protects the database from external intrusion and hacking
  • Single Sign-on & Login Profiles—makes it easier to manage large numbers of users and simplifies end-user access to the system

Ease of Application Development

  • Efficient Management of Large Objects—inline management of large objects as well as enhanced application development features such as large objects as parameters to stored procedures.
  • Enhanced Application Language Capabilities—many improved TransactSQL&™ language features to increase productivity of application developers as well as support for a variety of popular languages such as Python, PHP and Perl.
  • An Enterprise-Class DB for ISV applications —enhanced business-critical performance for ISV applications out of the box, enabling ISVs to easily write and port their applications to ASE 15.7.
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Hello world!

October 31st, 2009 No comments

Same as all the languages , I am starting this blog with Hello World!

print “Hello world!

First of all the introduction with Sybase and its technologies which are heavily impacting  the information(data) across the globe.

About Sybase: Sybase is largest  enterprise software and service company execusively focused on managing and mobilizing the information .

About Adaptive Server Enterprise(ASE) : Adaptive Server Enterprise is the mission-critical data management system for taming the information explosion.

About Replication Server: Move and synchronize data across the distributed enterprise with Replication Server.

About Sybase IQ: Highly optimized business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing.

Besides that Sybase is supporting lot of technologies . To know more about.