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SAP SYbase ASE, SAP Sybase IQ and SAP HANA – In a snapshot

February 3rd, 2013 No comments
High performance, reliable, scalable and resource-efficient OLTP database. Heavily optimize ASE for virtualized and cloud infrastructure  


Aims to provide maximum performance and efficiency when running both OLTP and OLAP workloads on the SAME DATA and at the SAME TIME
Capability to handle transactional workloads. It is good to chose in case of budgetary constraints.   In- memory database, very high capability to handle transactional workloads.
SAP Sybase ASE is planned to be the preferred transactional database in the SAP Real-Time Data Platform for running SAP applications, SAP partner applications and custom applications


  SAP HANA is planned to be the preferred database in the SAP Real-Time Data Platform for applications that need to run analytic and transactional workload on the same data at the same time


  Sybase IQ is planned to focus on evolving columnar compression capabilities for effectively storing and processing data


SAP HANA is planned to leverage IP from Sybase IQ, such as in-database algorithms, Hadoop integration, index optimizations, and ELT capabilities for performing transforms in the Hana database


  Plan to leverage Sybase IQ as near-line storage for SAP BW as well as leverage the technology in SAP ILM portfolio for archiving from the Business Suite Plan to leverage SAP HANA as database for native applications, SAP BW, as well as the Business Suite
  High-performance analytics server planned to deliver cost effectively for large volume data scenarios


 Open platform for large scale data warehouse

 Analytical data mart for aged data in a BW+HANA+IQ scenario

 Cost effective data management scaling to extreme data volumes






Real-time platform for analytics and applications that simplified data management approaches to deliver real-time results


 Operational / agile data mart for real-time scenarios

 Analytical data mart for complex real-time calculations

 Database for BW powered by SAP HANA