Training Testimonials

July 8th, 2015

Hear what few of our students are saying about Sybase ASE, Replication & IQ training:


I have tried a couple of demos for in-class but the instructors were not as good as you were.  I was really satisfied with the demo you gave me.


Thank you for your wonderful and insightful sessions on SYBASE ASE. The sessions have made me really comfortable with Sybase since I have practiced after every session. Thanks for a great hands-on training and hopefully I will be able to handle DBA activities at my job.


The overall sessions were good. Some of those are more than expectations ( auditing , back up & recovery and real time senarios) , some of those are less ( indexing).
Ppts are good. Putty logs very helpful. Thanks for taking these dba session to help us to gain more knowledge on sybase.


You did a good job with providing the training. I attended  sessions to get an idea of your training style. You have a very good balance of theory versus practical. Lessons are also paced properly.

I found your class really good and informative. I thank you for your effort and care in helping us learn and practice. I have practiced everything other than this weeks class.

I had very good learning experience of sybase sessions with you. All is I need to learn and practice more.


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